Friday, February 17, 2012

Dreaming big. A step at a time.

I opened my  little shop and dreamt BIG.
I am still figuring out how to manage it all.
Being a ROCKSTAR wife and mama.
Being a ROCKSTAR aubrey.

I sort of started to drown.

After that I had to STOP.
I had to take a good look at my life as a whole.
Part of the problem was me trying to prove that I could do it all and succeed.
Pushing too hard forward constantly.
Instead of standing still.
Like my pants were on fire.

I needed to think about my priorities and what I really wanted.
1) I want to be a happy mom who is present.
2) I want to be a good wife who shows I am paying attention
3) I want to still be a part of this new world I have created with my business
YES, I can still have it all.

Lately I have been taking the time to STOP and regroup.
One thing that I have changed is the DAILY deadlines I was giving myself. 
I used to set all these daily goals for myself. 
BUT in reality, since my business should sort of be last on my list, if something doesn't get done that day, so be it. The "REAL LIFE" stuff needs to happen and will happen. 
I should expect that. Now that I say I'd like to have X, X and X done by Friday I am having an easier time reaching those goals and in turn I am happier. I am not so frustrated by life's hiccups.

If you have to set up FRIDAY deadlines so be it. 
Dude, That's only 7 days, five business days.
So, within a week what ever needed to get done is still getting done.

Today, is the second week I have worked with this theory and today I am sending out 10 packages.
My list is checked off for the week stress free. And I for the second Friday in a row am doing a happy dance. 

What are some tricks you use to feel better about getting things done and still being a real life rockstar?

Isn't that print the sweetest?
I googled "dream big"  while writing a post for revolutionizeHER this morning.
click on it to go to the shop where I found it.
It made me melt a little bit.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!!


  1. I understand this post on so many levels, and honestly - I use the Friday deadline too. I prioritize my day with a list, and I figure out what needs to be done THAT DAY, and then things that have to be done a different. Urgent. Important. To Do. That seems to help me. Remember, you are human, not superwoman - so with that being said - it's totally OK to step back and do what you gotta! ;)

    1. thanks for letting me know I am not alone on this! ;)


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