Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the good thing about a 3 day weekend

Friday night Sushi with the Family.
We went out all together on the spur of the moment.
Everyone talked and was good and there was no embarrassing moments at the restaurant.
{if you have kids you have gotta know exactly what I mean here ;) }
Yay little family. yay!

Saturday Costco run.
The Lady Zebras almost won!
{isn't cool she ended up on a team named that!? total coincidence!}

Sunday. We discovered was "Meet the Zebras" day at the DC ZOO.
How could we not go?
The really good thing about a 3day weekend is that you don't feel like you are going to run out of time. You have another day left.
SO we just went.
It was such an awesome day.
I felt so proud of my posse.
Movies every night. Snuggled up to the hubs.
It was so nice to just relax.
We watched ONE DAY. {I cried}
and IN TIME. {completely interesting way of looking at things}

I took the weekend completely off.
Well almost completely....

The bad thing?
I spent the entire day yesterday thinking it was SUNDAY and almost missed taking my clover to her Alice In Wonderland practice.

Honestly, the best thing about the three day weekend wasn't getting caught up on the laundry;
though that was nice too.
It was seeing my guy relax.
Disconnecting from the world and re connecting with our little family.
Really looking at them.
They are getting so big. {sigh}
Laughing together.
Not really worrying about anything.
It was awesome.

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