Monday, January 23, 2012

it's terrarium, my dear

I got these goodies in the mail last week. And I am so excited, I am about to sing you a song....

So here's a story of a lovely lady 
Who was bringing up three very lovely kids. 
All of them had hair of brown, like their mother, 
The youngest one in curls. 

Here's this store, we'll call it potterybarn, 
Who was busy tempting aubrey with jewels all its own, 
There were two containers, sitting there together, 
Yet they were all alone. 
SO this one day when the lady bought these lovelies 
And she knew it was much more than a hunch, 
That this project would somehow be fantastic. {and make her very happy} 
But that's the way she became all confused and let them sit there for four long years...
They just sat there just a bunch.

That's the way we all ended up with this post now.
The lucky bunch!

ok, I don't know where that came from,
(can you hear the song in your head now??)
and I have never argued the fact that I am a dork.
But this little ditty has a happy ending and I am so excited, I had to share!!

SO, yes, I bought these 2 containers like four years ago from the pottery barn outlet and I was SOOOO excited to build myself 2 very fantastic terrariums. They're sort of magical, no?
I did my research and knew I needed
5)plants...but what kind of plants!?
The problem was every time I went to go do this thing I could not find the things that I needed...
I could not find the right kind of plants.
I really didn't want a dead plant project. So they sat.

Then I was on etsy and this listing popped up. WHAT!? a KIT!!? FOR ME!?
I sent the shop a conversation asking a few probably very elementary questions.
Lindsey at Bluff Creek Naturals sent me a warm response and more than
answered my questions and concerns and did not make me feel elementary at all.

So I ordered 2 kits for my two lonely containers and they arrived a couple of days later.
The supplies came labeled perfectly and the instructions were so clear that even an elementary student could do it. I loved that part!
Anyway. It's been almost a week and these containers make me so happy. 
And as Lindsey put it, "they're practically no maintenance! Perk!!"

So, if you are feeling a little blue and think a little green will fix that for you as you wait for spring to come, I think you should make one too.  It doesn't have to be in any particular container. You could use just about anything. She even has a couple in her shop!!

Happy planting, or non planting, or just plain happy that I finally did it!!

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  1. Hahahaha! You're a lunatic!
    I've been wanting to make a few terrariums for so long but have yet to find the perfect home for mine. I want yours. Gimme.

    I saw these fantastic printables on pinterest of mushrooms and teeny deers that could be printed onto cardstock and put in there.

    Very switched on, baby.


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