Thursday, December 22, 2011

owl lot of out takes...

So guess what-
I had the fabric printer send me some of my owl fabric really big so I could make some cool stuff for you guys out of them!! Like these pillows.

My little Bean is really fun to work with.
Did you know she's my top model these days?
really!? could we put the phone down? Divas!
Sometimes, just like her mama, she gets a little goofy and she's hard to reign in.

You guys usually miss out on the out takes, but today she suggested we do the "shoot" in her room.
She's pretty smart ;)

She has me smitten, so I couldn't resist sharing...
too bad you could not hear the stuff she was saying.
she completely kills me and leaves me speechless sometimes.

today, the photo shoot cost me.
She said she's keeping the brown owl.

stay tuned for some typewriter pillows too.
I'm kinda fun like that.


  1. SO SO cute! I love that fabric I'm tellin you! :)

  2. Oh my gosh I am so in love. If you lived next door I probably would have stolen your owl and your daughter by now.

  3. Such cute fabric! :) I already decided I'm using owls as a nursery theme ( we gotta get pregnant first) but be ready for me to me doing some ordering! :)

  4. Typewriter pillows?! Seriously?! I want one, please!!!


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