Monday, December 26, 2011

random frog

doesn't he look just pitiful as the coffee is coming down on him??
I almost feel bad!

Christmas present from my mom and dad E
did you know I have a small frog collection?
Get ready! next week lets do a show and tell!!
I am going to show you mine and you show me yours!!
Your favorite gift you got this year that you would HAVE NEVER bought BUT LOVE!
laying low the rest of the week to be mama wife to a family that is all off!
See you in the new year!!


  1. I'm doing the of last night I'm *trying* to stay off of blogger for a good week. It's obviously not going all that well.

  2. Don't you LOVE your Keurig? That froggy mug is adorable. Also? Kudos to you for staying off the blog bliggity blog!


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