Friday, December 2, 2011

on playing. A guest post. Meet Kristina

The word play seems to be open to interpretation.  It means one thing when we are children. It means riding our bikes, playing chase, creating make-believe worlds and confidently living in them whether it's by ourselves, or with our friends.  It's playing tea parties, and cars & trucks.  When playing is part of life, completely OK in our day to day lives. In fact it's encouraged.  Parent's tell their kids to "go outside & play", or "go play in your room", we even make play rooms for our children.

Then something happens.
We grow up. We become adults, we begin to become more work and less play. Playing becomes childish. Our form of play changes. We no longer frolic around in silly costumes, or submerge ourselves into make-believe worlds.  Our curiosity no longer wanders when we explore the world and our thoughts never lead to, "what magical creatures might live there that only we can see."  As adults we become more serious. We stress about the day to day "to-dos" and what bills are due this month.  That becomes our focus.
We become overwhelmed by it.
Hi, I'm Kristina, the writer behind a perfect dose of life.  

Aubrey came to me and asked that I write a post about "playing" and what inspires me to play.

I live in Colorado with my fabulous husband, Ryan, and our two dogs - Wyatt & Rudy, and our three cats. I have a passion for love, my faith, art, creating, business, and people.  I adore my evenings with my husband, snuggled up on my couch.  The random moments when my dogs come up to me and bark, then scamper off to find their favorite toys, make me feel gitty and my heart happy.   My heart desires children, but that is on God's time, however the sound of children laughing makes me smile without a second thought, and I know the moment I hear my own laughing and playing - my heart will melt.
What inspires me to play?
I believe life can only be taken so seriously, for so much time at once.
Serious is good. Serious is important.
Too much serious is sometimes...toxic.  
Our hearts become hardened, our minds become more narrow.
We decide the world needs explanations, and less wonder.
Sad isn't it?
I'm lucky, although sometimes there is less imagination in my world that once before, it's still there. My mind wanders, sometimes I may write a book about some far away land, I don't know.  Sometimes I paint things that are more imaginative, other times realistic.  That's life though I think.

But when I need to be inspired, when I need to play,
What inspires that?

My Husband.

The seasons.

Fall leaves dancing across the earth.

Our fur-children.

The winter snow.


Silly moments, when it's way past sleeping, those moments when the world is so funny.
Art, playing with new media, playing with new designs.

What are you going to do to play today?  what inspires you to play?

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