Monday, December 5, 2011

tonight I am going to party like it's 1999

those were my EXACT words on Saturday night.
I was feeling very spoiled.
What a great reward for all the hard work put in this year.
Saturday night we went to an amazing Christmas party for the hubs work.
It was so fabulous!!! See that? This was the INSIDE of the center of the hotel.
Amaze balls.
It feels like I went to an oxygen bar and got some air.
{no I have never actually gone to get air, but what I am saying is I feel refreshed today and like I got some "fresh air"}
This weekend consisted of no work.
Time alone with the hubs and a fabulous night in a gorgeous hotel and dancing on the top floor with a bunch of very nice people I didn't really know ;)
It really was a treat.
I am totally in the holiday frame of mind now too.
Finally! and a big PHEW for my kids....who I am sure were starting to get nervous.

We did snap some pics on my cell you can see our fancy pants.
They are not great but you can get the idea!
like how I collaged them and it sort of looks like we didn't take pictures of each other separately?

what did you do this weekend??

oh and ps, twitter peeps: I made it through till about 1am with those fabulous heels on  (yay!)
and then, I am going to admit it....they had to come off until we tip toed up to our quiet room at about 3 am. Still not bad right?


  1. you look absolutely gorgeous! i love that dress :) and your man is quite the looker too! how fun to have an evening away and spend it in such a beautiful hotel!

    i spent the weekend at home and worked my little tail off and had some down time with the hubs and watched movies. it was a great weekend!

  2. You look fabulous, dahling! :) Glad it was fun.

    We did a whole lot of nothing this past weekend and it rocked. :) N was still recovering from her teething situation and I was feeling "meh." We're all good now!

  3. Holy crap! You look amazing! I adore your dress! You guys is so fancy.


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