Thursday, August 11, 2011

about a dress: an update

remember this post?
about a dress?
that looked like this?
Ok, so it's a week and a half later and here is what I have to say...
Patterns are confusing. Until you get your head wrapped around them.
And size DOES matter.
When I measured myself and looked at the pattern, the size it told me to make made me want to cry.
Rule #1 store sizes are DIFFERENT than pattern sizes.
But here's the thing: After I finished the dress it was TOO BIG from the waist down. I went back and cut a straight line off the skirt of this dress measuring 4" off each side.
This pattern had LOTS of options. When I was making it, I went with the full skirt thinking it probably matched my knock off best. In hindsight, I think it looks too frumpy on me.  If I use this pattern again I will go with the straight skirt.
You can break the rules...
The next dress I  make, I will cut the bottom part of the pattern in a smaller size than the top part of the pattern.
Rule #3
if it's not a complete success, BUT it's not a complete fail, it's good.
Rule #4
You could probably make a dress that looks like the knock off but is in a cut that is meant for you.
I think this dress might work in another pattern that has a less boxy top...maybe I can go back and browse to see if there is another pattern that will end up with the same look.

So what do you think?  I think I am going to go for it again.
maybe this. But cut shorter as a top. 
Maybe in a cherry print mixed with a polka dot...
So about that dress:
 YES, I am still excited about this find. Not quite as excited as I was in that last post because I have realized their pattern choice isn't the magic formula to get that $99 dress for $13 bucks.
It has to fit too.  But Now I AM thinking outside the box just a little bit more.
And I still want to play with it.
So, do you think he'll take me out on the town?

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