Friday, July 29, 2011

if you build it, err, if you make it they will take you out on the town.

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it ;)
At this exact moment, I've got a case of the nerves in my actual sewing ability.
I just bought 3yards of red polka dot fabric and a pattern. EEEK!
Before you laugh hear me through.
I may be a crazy mad hatter every night at the sewing machine, 
but the last time I made something for myself was in high school. 
Before I had boobs.

this one is at modcloth.

I have been eyeing some retro dresses for some time now.
I love {though I've never seen anything up close.}
 I just once and a while "window shop." 
But who can drop $99 bucks for a dress for no real reason other than you really like it??
Not in this phase of my life yet. You know, the I have kids phase?
So yesterday I am twitterpating and see OH sweet Joy's tweet about this place.

Can I get a what, what!??
It was like suddenly a light bulb went off.
Dude, I could make a dress like these?

AND THEN the hubs would take me out on a hot date?
YES please.
I had to hit the fabric shop today and it was like kismet.
(another one please) WHAT? WHAT?
pull out phone, pull up twitter, pull up tweet. Yes, technology is awesome.
Pull out drawer, and finger, finger, 2588, Akk! there it is!
Ok, hmm, maybe red polka dot???
YES! Score again.
Wait in line forever.....
Pay $13 for the pattern and fabric. That $99 dollar dress just got a roll back peeps!!
OK  D.O.N.E. 

AND then I skipped through the forest back to my car with all the birds singing along with me.
That part is a lie.
But then, as I was driving home I got a knot in my stomach.
I don't do patterns.
Hm, it would be so lovely if it turns out and I could have 10 dresses... but I'm scared to get my hopes up just yet. 
I've use patterns for the girls....
Do patterns take into consideration the whole boob issue?

On the way home I started sweating bullets.
Pray for me, chant, say your mantra or what ever it is you do because I am sure it will help me.
I really want a new dress.
Stay tuned.


  1. You made me giggle! That is so awesome that you found the pattern. You can totally do this. And it will totally rock! I have FAITH in YOU!

  2. I can't wait to see the dress! I'm way too excited about this.


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