Monday, August 1, 2011

seriously. I might have to frame them, hang them up in the studio and keep them for myself..

this first set came from inspiration I saw on pinterest.... where do you go for inspiration?
How was your weekend?
I had to spend many a moment imagining it was winter because it's been too hot around here.
If you're a facebook fan you probably saw this status over the weekend:
Did you know that I used a vintage sewing machine my whole life until last year that only did straight stitches? I got a new "modern" sewing machine almost a year ago when the cord on my Singer Princess needed repair. Did you know that I have been playing with decorative stitches for the first time this week? And do you know what that means? Some lovelies are hitting the shop this weekend!!

And what that meant was a couple of absolutely darling snack mat sets!
To be completely honest I had no idea what these were until I entered the world of Etsy.
I loved them immediately.

My thinking was how could I make them different? Make them look like a true aubrey plays product?
My answer came back easily.
I like stuff that can serve more than one purpose.

If I make each a coordinating set, then the mats can be used in a number of ways...
They could be split up as a quick easy gift to have on hand.

If I made them extra pretty, with extra details, like lace or pretty stitching they could be framed and become absolutely charming wall art.

And if I treat each set as a unique one of a kind project, then I can play...which is the whole point right?
What do you think?

Those typewriters? Hanging in the studio? I may just have to go find four frames, like right now.

check out the shop for ones that you have to have ;)

on the cutting table:  CIRCUS   VESPA
another thing we did this weekend. Chloe played photographer. The bean and I hamming it up.

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  1. I'm not sure what I ever did before pinterest. It is all quite a haze of gray, boring life. Thank goodness for all the inspiration!

    {spell check needs to wise up and quit telling me pinterest isn't a word)

    these are so precious!! great gift idea - i'm off to your shop to "pin" one now!!


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