Thursday, July 14, 2011

the perfect PLAY purse

remember when I said I might start an affair?
One with oil cloth and Laminated cotton??
Yep, I am in the heat of it and truly in love.
Yeah, I sort of love her. She's so groovy. 
This 6 pocket purse is your go to gal for the pool, the park, a picnic, the gym, with a baby, to the drive in, the zoo, the library...where ever you play!

Now why would a nice girl like me go looking for this stuff in the first place??
Let me tell you.
I had mice in my garage this winter. Yep, gross.
When we headed out to the pool this year, there was a big hole in the bottom of my bag.
Dirty bastards.
So I thought to myself. I should just make a new one. A pretty gal that made me happy and was totally up for PLAY.
Now that you've met her, are you falling for her too?

SO, I went searching for water resistant, easy clean up materials.
I was introduced to oil cloth.
Laminated cotton.

Yeah, so she got all finished up and I thought to myself:
LOVE, would it be so bad if I took you all over the place? Would you play with me all over town?  I'd miss you so if we only saw each other at the pool.
 She is totally the cats meow. Super sturdy, gorgeously shiny, charmingly retro, AND quick and easy to clean with water and a hot soapy sponge.
SO now of course I have to go back for more and am looking into an order of MANY styles and colors of this oil cloth.

If you are dying to have this perfect PLAY purse but would melt for another color, send me a message quick and I'll make sure I get that color in the shop for you!

You tell me, where will you take her?
she's waiting for you in the shop now ;)

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