Friday, June 3, 2011

On being a mom; and not giving up the ship....

So, last week my mom got a phone call from me that I am pretty sure went something like this:
"My Husband's crazy.
My kids are crazy.
I can't make everyone happy.
I can't do everything.
I'm going straight jacket CRAZY!"
And my mom "Oh, Aubrey you can't go crazy. Once you go crazy there is no where else to go."
Sound advice?
A few days later I got a text from her with a picture. It said "your new shirt."
 Me, I giggled and smiled. See, people probably thought at that point I really was crazy.
I love my mom.

It's been a much better week.  Today I had this cute shirt to throw on to remind me to stand my ground and power through. But, don't under any circumstances give up the ship.
They sort of need me. I know that.
Okay moms?

Hmm, I like this motto...what can I do with it for the shop?

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  1. I so know what you're talking about... and need that shirt, too! lol


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