Thursday, June 23, 2011

Does YOUR little monster need a monster of their own??

I just love mine.  I’d move the earth and sky for them.
but sometimes you just need a little reminder….
When I started aubreyplays this past November one of my biggest inspirations came from my little monsters.
What I wanted you to be able to hold in your hot little hands was your own little monster from
my little monsters line.
These were hand sketched, hand embroidered, hand made goodies.
What maybe you still don’t know is that these guys are
completely customizable to your very own little monsters!
Give me a couple details, I will draw up a little monster just for you.
What’s that you say?
yours aren’t little monsters?
Contact me, and I will pretend to believe you.
(I promise)
We’ll make them what ever you want!
Three Petunias perhaps??
A herd of turtles?
your one sweet bee?
What ever you say, because
it is cool to be you.
So I have a little Monster that saw his monster self on his mom's bag.
and this smart guy wanted an "ugly doll" version of it {himself} for his birthday.
I think I am completely smitten by this boys mind. ;)
after I made him I thought we should hang out together for a little bit, cause he's uber cool.
My little monster was cracking up at the freckles on his "butt."

So tell me, DOES your little monster want one too?
I will personalize it how ever you say.
Made from heavy duty felt with fun details appliqued on for personality.
Stuffed to perfection.
Click here to see other monsters that have been sketched out of the shop. Maybe one looks just like yours ;)

now listed in the shop.

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  1. Ben just opened up his little monster and he LOVES it!!! He especially loves how it looks just like him :) Thanks a lot - it is awesome!


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