Thursday, April 28, 2011

{3} three Things Thursday: What are you grateful for?

isn't it amazing how a good haircut can make you feel like a movie star??
Now if I could only mug for the camera like one, or as Madonna would say, "give good face."

{3} things that I am feeling grateful for right now:

1}The time + the right gal to cut my hair.  I was so excited about a year ago when I FINALLY found a gal that knew what I meant when I said I wanted a hair cut.  She was recommended not once but 3X, so I had to meet her. I think, it is the very first time in all my life that I leave with EXACTLY what I asked for.  Do you know that I actually used to come home from a haircut and take a shower and redo my hair!? She's sweet and real and I love her.  
ALSO, when I made my appointment it was for the middle of the day, and the hubs WORKED. IT. OUT. so I could go. HUURRRRR-RAH!

2}Rainy mornings and nice afternoons. = a little bit of sleeping in AND a chance to play outside later!
My Bean wakes up at the CRACK of dawn.  We have had a couple of rainy mornings this week, and I am starting to feel a bit spoiled by the universe letting me sleep in a little.  The darkness the rain creates makes her think it is still not morning, and she has slept.  BONUS, it ends up really pretty out by the end of the day and we can get out and play!

3} My Librarians.  As I type this I am wondering if I have already said this.  Wondering that makes me know I must REALLY, REALLY appreciate them.  I pre-plan a week ahead for the kids and am online a couple times a week holding books at the library. They call me really quick and have my books all ready for me. I can send a kid in to grab the books and save the mellow drama that taking my 4 year old in there sometimes creates.  I KNOW for a fact they did me a favor this week.  I WAS NOT next in line when I asked to hold Water For Elephants for myself.  I think they pulled some strings, and I know it is a little thing, but it makes me feel extra special ;)
I am excited to read the book.  It's a silly rule I have, but if I think I am going to watch a movie I ALWAYS try to read the book first.  The books are ALWAYS better and if you see the movie first it ruins the book.

So that is that. I have been humming and hawing over that fabulous fabric I got a couple weeks ago.  I LOVE it and it's making me be too picky about what I use it for. I think today I finally decided to make a couple reversible mini purses, but I am open to suggestions. What would you like to see??


  1. i finally found a good hairdresser & i swear it has improved my quality of life!


  2. I just went to a new hairdresser a week ago, and she was fabulous!

  3. I love that you utilize your library system!! That's definitely a goal of mine.

  4. Fun!

    I am thankful that we were safe when all the tornadoes and storms were something through not far from us - yikes! I keep giving prayers of thanks for that!

    Also, that its not winter any more.

    Aaaaaand, chocolate. Yeah, I'm glad it exists. :)


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