Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm all a Twitter!

Yep, not really.  

Well, I would be if I knew what in the world I was doing....
I have been attracted to twitter from the beginning. It was that cute bird that lured me in.
But, I stopped there because someone told me it was for BUSINESS TYPES.
So, I pictured people in suits and walked away.
That was about 3 years ago.
Since then, I convinced myself that I was happy enough with Facebook and didn't really need another place to distract me.
But that bird IS awful cute......
Flash forward and I start seeing this twitter logo on all the blogs.  The mommy blogs.
I see it everywhere!! I ask myself should I be a tweeter??
SO then, I get this call from this sweet lady who is like a business coach.  She asks me if I twitter.
6 months ago I opened my twitter account.  You know, just in case someone else out there wants to be aubreyplays....I wouldn't want them to snag it.

This week, well, I think about it again.  Maybe I will use twitter to be brutally honest.  I have no followers anyway-
so without completely COMMITTING {gasp}  here is my account: aubreyplays

Maybe I will be all a twitter.  Twitter this, twitter that, a twitter pro?
I think not.  But I am trying.

Ok, so any tips for twitter?? I am dying to know!


  1. Aubrey...I'm visiting from Tatertots...thought I would follow you on BOTH your blog (so cute) and twitter...I'm still fairly new at the "tweeting" thing but I get to see lots and lots of other crafty moms out there and have another world to visit when the kids are acting "crazy"
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Katrina - @thatisinarapp &

  2. hey girl! I'm a new follower! I just got a twitter not too long ago and it's still confusing to me! BUT i'm trying!! I'll go follow you now!

  3. Hi, I am hopping over from Tatertots & Jello, I am relatively new to twitter but have become totally addicted to it. I love it. I usually view it from my iphone but I love the way it gives me all the info I get from sitting at my computer but quicker, most people will post if they have a new blog post or if they have a cute pic of a new idea or project...its kinda like facebook, at first its scary then you cant live without it ;)

    and ps: I am running over to 5 seconds from crazy...I love that is me..all.the.time LOL


  4. The bird is tres cute, I'll give ya that.

    I don't even TEXT so I'm sure I'm not cut out to twitter.

    I just don't know why ALL those people want to tell each other such random things - - - I can go to the bathroom WITHOUT a huge audience.


  5. Started tweeting and quit, too confusing.

  6. visiting from tatertots and jello! your bags are gorgeous!

  7. Hi! Love twitter! I use it a lot for crafting questions and feedback. So glad Tatartots & jello featured you! I'm adding you too my follow list @sp_squared

  8. hiya aubrey! hopping over from TT&J - i love your bags! the hubs is giving me the stink eye because i'm running late because ive been reading your blog.... but i will email you later with some twitter tips! have a great saturday! :)

  9. Hi.. I love your stuff on etsy, I love your purse bag, delilah.. I hope I will win the giveaway

  10. you inspired me to start a twitter account for my blog. i had a twitter account a long time ago for personal use, but got bored and quit using it. i think i may actually use this one for my blog though.

  11. i have a twitter account but i don't really use it except for etsy and blog things. i don't really care for it because it is too 'businessy'. i wish it was more personal, but maybe i just don't spend enough time on there. i don't really want to spend all day on twitter though!


  12. you know what i am about to do? follow you on the twit :)

  13. Hello Aubrey! Came over from Tatertotsandjello! I'm scared of twitter but know that I may have to look into it soon. Good luck! Love, Me

  14. I'm a new follower! your things are SO cute!!

  15. Hi! Visiting from Tatertots! LOVE your embroidery!

  16. sweet tweet post! I'm a followin your tweets now! :)

  17. I'm visiting from TT&J. Your stuff is incredible!


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