Monday, March 14, 2011

The fabric for MARCH: Lucky Girl

Saint Patty's day is just around the corner.
Wouldn't a purse out of her be just LOVE-ly???
Paired with Mustard or Chocolate, or maybe chocolate Polka-dot. YUM.
A Lucky little ereader case to put your wishes into??
OR maybe you'll find a pot o' gold in a lovely Change purse....
Lucky for options. (girls like them)
Lucky for spring.
Lucky you are here.
Lucky mama.
Lucky you: I have some of this fabric in the studio......
AND, I just love this song Lucky.


  1. How fun!!! Love that song too!!! :) Stopping by from the TT&J giveaway!

  2. Found your through TT&J's giveaway! LOVE YOUR PURSES!!!!!

  3. Lucky us! Your purses are awesome!


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