Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Headed out the door...

 Happy 2 days from Saint Patty's Day to you lads and lassie's!!
What's been heading out the door you may ask???

I LOVE, LOVE what this awesome lady asked to be embroidered on her red Polka dot ereader pouch!!!
{I love you more
than there are stars in the sky
and fish in the sea}
with the matching change purse. so sweeeet.
I totally cracked myself up when I uploaded these photos, cause I like to match....
Another new saying to embroider:
(so fun, to get new sayings you know.)

Delilah purse with matching ereader pouch and change purse.
I think I want to make one of these lovely Delilah change purses for myself.....
{swoon, is it totally wrong to swoon over your own creations??}
I hope you love your stuff!!

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  1. LOVE. does the delilah purse come in a large chuck everything in bag as well. i saw a little one in your shop :)


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