Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Five seconds from crazy.

I started following a blog recently called Five Seconds From Crazy.  THAT is exactly what I have been.
Which is probably what made me click follow.  She is a real, raw mom who tells it like it is.

I have very recently been taking some hard looks at my life. 
I have decided what is broken I will fix (or trash or donate).
What isn't working I will fix.
What isn't flowing I will re-path.
I will do what ever it takes to SIMPLIFY.  To RUN.  To fix what ever it is that is broken. That needs attention. 

This thought process brought me to a very tiring couple of days where we moved 3 kids out of their rooms and into new rooms.  A sort-of Musical Rooms if you will ;)
Some background:
When we moved into this house I had a sweet 3 year old ballerina princess and a cute, mama loving little guy starting Kindergarten.
We had no furniture really besides our beds.  It was a brand new life.  In a brand new town.
I ran a mural business and stored all my stuff in the garage.

Flash forward: 
I have a 12 year old preteen and a 10 year old who ACTS like a teenager. (HELP!)
I am homeschooling them. (insanity)
I also have a {SURPRISE} four year old!!! (MONKEY)
I have just started this awesome business, but INSIDE the house.
The way I set up the house that many years ago JUST doesn't WORK anymore!!!

The past couple weeks, the bickering, the house set up and then a series of unfortunate events has actually made me more like, well, 3 seconds from crazy.
So The ginormous room (originally meant for a home office and then became that now 4 year olds nursery) now belongs to my 12 year old. He has a big desk, and a computer (gasp, don't worry it is parental control-i-fied) He can lock himself in there to do his studies and hide from his sisters.
(I was so surprised That no repainting had been required!! I plan on adding an orange stripe which will match his surfer bedding and lamp below:

AND then there is the 10 year old teenagers room.
(This room has always been my sons )
He always had black chalkboard paint on two of the four walls.  I was so happy once we put all her stuff in here. It looks great as is.  She was saying how boyish it was until she got her stuff in there! Now she thinks it looks like a page  from the PBteen catalog.

AND LAST.  The princess room was once painted in a full mural of Angelina Ballerina and tutus.
(It was so sweet)  A couple of years ago she thought it was too baby-ish and we repainted it a sort of greenish yellow.
It now belongs to a new princess.  

AND her closet is UBER organized, because that is EXACTLY how I function.

So my peeps, I have been a bit busy.  I didn't fall off the planet....I'm just trying to fix mine.
I hope to be adding some more stuff to shop soon.  Maybe I can transform my workspace next. Cross your fingers for me.  I need it.
My kids asked why I was taking pictures and I told them so they can refer back to how their rooms should look in case they forget ;)

The moral: Make changes.  Even if you have to make them again and again and even if you end up more like 2 seconds from crazy.  At least you went down fighting.

Oh, and this morning.  There was no real yelling and the day seemed to go MUCH smoother.  One can hope it will stay that way!


  1. LOVE the rooms!!! Chalkboard paint is AWESOME! I really want to paint it somewhere, I just can't quite decide where.... I bet the angelina ballerina mural was gorgeous! Hope the sanity stays for a while... Mine seems to come and go :)

  2. You are one busy momma! No worries..you are rocking it all so relax, chick!
    And thanks for the shout out! It made me say YAY really loud!

  3. The rooms look amazing! I hear you on being 3 seconds from crazy, thats how I feel right now!!! SO busy and insane life is right?

  4. Super cute rooms!! Love the organized closet...so impressive! I'm hoping over from Tatortots and Jello!

  5. i too am trying to simplify..It feels so nice to do! I love what you did!
    Great job!


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