Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Way Cuter than a BROWN paper BAG: Insulated LUNCH BAG

Remember the days in the old school yard,
We used to laugh a lot, oh don't you?
Remember the days of the old school yard when we had imaginings and we had all kinds of things...
I do. And I remember you.
{Cat Stevens}

New in the shop!
This personalized lunch bag is:
1) Big. A good size for those awesome bento box containers
2) insulated
3) It can say what ever you choose, and be in the fabric you choose
4) smart, eco friendly and washable
5) not just for kids
6) A better trade than 2 oreos and a soggy sandwich.

Be uber style'N and getting a matching school bag!
*SAVE $10 if you buy both lunch bag and school bag together*

*fully lined and insulated to keep food hot or cold
*velcro closure
* pocket on the back for love notes
* handle

DO you want to add a strap to hold keys or a change purse?? Let me know.

This picture would be awesome if she would keep her clothes on...please tell me I am not the only one who always has some sort-a naked baby... ;)


  1. I'm dying here of laughter, Aubrey!

    You are NOT the only one with 'some sort-a naked baby!'

    I have two of 'em myself -- a 2- and 3-year-old who both just would rather run around naked... stand in front of windows so neighbors can see them naked... play naked... eat naked... greet guests at the door naked...

    By the way... definitely cuter than a brown paper bag! Love that fabric... ;)

  2. I have a son who changes his clothes 3-4 times a would think it would be my daughter, but no...

  3. Phew, so glad I am not alone in this ;) lol.

  4. Your bags are adorable :) Thanks for doing a give-away!


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