Monday, February 21, 2011

A lovely necklace and two gals who meet serendipitously and a discount!!!

Isn't this itty bitty JUST lovely?
This necklace was made JUST for me by the rockingly talented Jessica.
Jessica is super nice, super cool, and is the talent gal behind the shop jessicaNdesigns.
I am so tickled by it.  Do you see that she even happily stamped the word play on it for me?

You know how once in a while {and not often enough} a series of events happen and it almost feels like magic? This is a story about how I got this special necklace and how two gals meet serendipitously.

It was one of THOSE days.  You know the ones, when you get up to use the bathroom and there's no toilet paper....down stairs someone has used up all the milk for your coffee.  A bit later, you mop the floor only to have the dog throw up on it.  At the exact moment you have wiped it all up you turn to realize two little girls have "snuck" in whispering about mud pies and well, the mud all over the place tells no lies. Unfortunately, I could go on. Yep. ONE OF THOSE days.
Okay, so stick with me, here comes the magic.
I heard the sound of a message coming into my computer and I actually closed my eyes and made a wish.
"please. Please be something good."

The message was from a LOVELY lady named Jessica and she had nothing but lovely things to say.
I like this girl I thought, Why does she sound so familiar? Hmm.
As I started to reply I decided to check just one place.  Could she be the very same Jessica that makes the very same necklace that I had put on my wish list?  Oh wow!  Yes, yes she is!! And I bet she doesn't even know that!

So guess what?  We both have 3 kiddos. And we both married our high school sweetheart. We both would be quite happy to snuggle in with a nice cup of coffee and a good book.  What she doesn't know is that we both have a thing for vintage spoons too...One of the exact reasons why I hearted her entire shop!!

I think I must have these for my herb garden. Really.

Anyway after some emails back and forth I decided that if we were neighbors, Jessica would so be the gal I would have called this morning and asked over for coffee.  She would have totally "got me" and sent me on my way in a much better mood.
When I found out she was going to send me this necklace I could only say that it was a serendipitous moment
that could only be described as magic. And I was so very excited when I got it this weekend I jumped up and down with glee.
I think you should please share the love and go visit her spots:
her BLOG has awesome bits of info and some great give aways too.
Like her on  FACEBOOK to catch great deals and discount codes.
and of course her SHOP is filled with lushious goodies.  AND GUESS WHAT ELSE???
Get a 15% discount if you use the code AUBREYPLAYS at check out!!
See, I told you she was lovely!!

***oh, and if you happen to be someone's honey, and you happen to be reading this because it was "accidentally" left open on your desktop here.... Well, BIG HINT ;)  someone really deserves a necklace for Mother's day. These necklaces are perfect.***
My honey snapped these shots of me in my new necklace. 
 It tickles me that in his eyes, the focus wasn't just the necklace....
but THANK YOU Jessica!! I love it.


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely feature! I am so happy you love your necklace!

    I think you are right...we would meet for coffee if we were close!


  2. What a lovely necklace! Really good size, not to big, its cute.

    Love the Herb spoons too.. would look excellent in any garden.

    Tiffany @
    Religious Necklaces


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