Friday, February 18, 2011

new fabrics

Hi all-
You might have noticed there have been some fresh fabrics popping into the shop.
I have been happily gathering some prints for my newer stuff!
I just purchased the VERY LAST 2 yards of the demask print that everyone seems to love (on the Delialah)
SO, once it's used up it's GONE.
No worries. I will find the next GRAND fabric.  I am really, really loving the chartreuse berry-ish print.
it looks like I have been drawn to floral with a polka dot combinations.
Maybe it's because I am itching for spring. Those patterns together make me think of happy rain boots and the fresh blooms. You?
I'm still waiting on a couple more to come in and I will be updating my stock list.
In the mean time, if you see something you like and want it made into something paticular...JUST ASK!


  1. I love the birdcage fabric! cute!

  2. I'm totally loving the bright flowers with the yellow polka dots. SO cute!

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