Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things you should know if we will ever be BFF's

Little Miss Mama (Little miss Ashley is what I call her in my head) is having a link up party.
Since she did such an awesome job bragging about me I decided I should party too. AFTER deciding that, I started having that feeling you got when you were in high school. You know, the one you got when you were dared to do something and you felt an overwhelming urge to prove yourself a bad@zz.
Ok, so no more torture. I am going to it quick like peeling off a band aid, and then hopefully it won't hurt too bad ;-)

1. If I were a superhero I would be Wonder Woman just because I love her boots. AND because I love that the word WOMAN is in her name!
2. Although I spent a good part of my childhood without a tv. I find myself using pop culture to explain myself A LOT.
I used to be more Monica with a little Pheobe. As I’ve gotten older I am mostly all Pheobe.
I've secretly called one of my brothers “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” since I saw the Brady Bunch movie.
Your "likes" are like my ghosts that Pac-Man gobbles up!!! They give me energy and make my day!
The problem with this is unless you know that bit of pop culture, you will have no idea what I am talking about.
3. I lay awake at night wondering if I am doing everything right.
4. I have played hide and seek with my kids and then hid somewhere I know they won't find me so I can have 5 minutes with no noise.
6. I really really hate liars. Just tell me the truth. I can handle it.
7. One of my most favorite smells is laundry. I just love it. I even quietly thank a house I walk by if it's wafting out. BUT, I currently despise DOING laundry...an uphill battle that I feel like I'll never win!
8. SOMETIMES, when I feel overwhelmed I envision myself running away. But I mean literally. My mind pops up with this image of me in a track suit running away in a super hero like speed. (remember Ali Mcbeal?? The dancing baby??? This is my dancing baby...I just wish I could maybe tweek the vision to me dressed as wonder woman. Yep, that would be better.)
9. I don't like to talk about politics.
10. I LOVE almonds.
(cover them in dark chocolate, even better)
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST..........OOO Bonus! I promised myself 10!!
11. I think I am one lucky Momma. I love my little monsters.


  1. I love love love #4...I used to teach pre-school and I had a class full (11) of 3 year olds all to myself. Sometimes, I would invent "activities" that involved "quiet time" just so there'd be no more bickering over who got what Disney princess, or whose turn it was with the fireman costume. *oops* hehehe You made me laugh, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Dark chocolate covered almonds = bliss!
    Amie @ http://kittycatsandairplanes.blogspot.com

  3. Great post girl! I LOVED every single thing--love the hide and seek secret, lol! And for the record, I TOTALLY got every pop culture reference you made, LOL!

    love you girl!


  4. Cute blog! I play hide and seek with my kiddos and do the same thing. Oh how I love that game, or is it the 5 minutes of quiet time? I cant stand liars, TELL THE TRUTH PEOPLE! The truth always comes out NO MATTER WHAT! You should check out my blog at www.lanceandshay.blogspot.com

  5. Loved your BFF list. LOL when you hide from the kids to get quiet time.


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