Monday, December 20, 2010

theSuit PURSE/Diaper bag Revealed!

Remember when I said
"the SUIT" is a color?

Well, here she is in all her glory in this purse/diaper bag version.
This version is not reversible, but is still in
that same spirit of my original inspiration,
that 1920's Suit.

She is a bit more pricey due to her fabrics and notions, but she is well worth it.

$55 for the purse
add another $15 for the diaper pouch and changing pad.

{{inspired by a suit from the prohibition era of the 1920's-
She's delicate and a bit vintage looking...but modern enough to march through any current day. Just like the average business woman, she may look soft but she is one tough cookie. This lace pin tuck fabric is backed by a hardy canvas. }}
Pocket inside snap closure inside
Suit button outside (is all for looks)

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