Saturday, December 18, 2010

TOO cute printable

Good morning peeps!!

It was a good morning to:
1) snuggle on the couch with my bean
2) bask in the sun streaming in through the windows drinking a coffee while listening to some good tunes...
( I just love the way the snow makes it seem even brighter, more sparkly)
3) Vacuum. (shhh, but it was the first time all week! I can almost hear my house sigh a sigh of relief!!)
4) AND finally, get to a couple cute things that I had planned to do this week, but never got around to.

The bean and I cut out this "merry christmas" banner and hung it up this morning. It is just plain happy.
AND- see that white sheet on the right side of my mantel? It is an adorable subway style type print that I plan on framing to add to my Christmas decor. SO SO NICE.

BOTH are FREE PRINTABLES. You want them too? Head over to Kind over matter, and they are ALL YOURS! Quick, easy and happy. My girls LOVE this kind of stuff. They had some others too that may tickle your fancy. Have fun!

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