Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cassette Messenger

Did video REALLY kill the radio star?
Remember when there were actual videos to watch?
Is Madonna really a mom now?
Will Facebook be the end of the last Betty Crocker wives?
Are cassette tapes really considered retro?

YEP. AND- I'm gonna roll with it!

An entire line of embroidered products
that makes it cool to be SQUARE:
{click on that RETRO tab up there to see others.}

This messenger bag has a long strap and can be thrown across your shoulder.
Pocket inside to hold your cell phone, keys, or candy (bribery) stash.

This cassette would be AWESOME on a laptop bag!

100% cotton
Sturdy canvas material with a handy pocket inside
snap closure


I'm JUST ABOUT ready to reveal theBELLA. I am admiring her as I type this....
Here's another hint. She'll be camping out in the woods, you know until the epic vampire battle is over-
so she's going to need a bag big enough for the weekend.

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