Monday, August 23, 2010

Wings and Things: A review

Migration, Nocturnal, Cooperation, shrinkamadoodle...huh?
Does your kid have a Dr. Suess vocabulary??

I may be a bit biased.
I grew up loving Dr. Suess and his zaney vocabulary wonderfulishissness!

But- this one is SOOOOO cute.
Who doesn't think Thing-a-ma-jigger is one of the best words ever?

Meet Sally and Nick a brother and sister pair that follow the Cat in the Hat just about everywhere!
The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That!
This 60 minute video includes:

Learning about the honey dance and the bees that do it.
The "migration vacation."
Nocturnal animals
Animals that travel with their homes AND ants working together. It's a fun and quick moving video that your preschooler can learn lots from.

This new series has Martin Short as the voice of the Cat and will be airing on PBS this fall.

STREET DATE: 9/7/2010
SRP: $12.99
available at Walmart, Target and other retailers or
hop online and get it here: NCircle entertainment

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