Friday, August 13, 2010

One of my favorites

What do you do when you are stuck at home with no car and the weather outside is frightful?
You make matching shirts of course!

As I may have said it before, I make things.
I do it because it keeps me sane.
It gets out nervous energy. It puts my mind to use when I am thinking something out.
I saw this book a few months ago at the bookstore, and had to go back and get it the very next day. It was one that I just had to have. And I love it. It is one of my favorite go to items when I feel the need to make something. Every project takes only a yard of fabric or LESS. And there is a lot I want to make in there!

I have so far made a very cute tool belt apron (for myself).
And a sewing kit is just about done.
These shirts were sooooooo EASY!
AND the girls were so happy.
{My poor son. ;-(}

I am sad to say I am out of fabric...and I truly wish the fabric fairies would just send me a box of some new yards of happy fabric (cause like I said I don't have a car for a bit)...

But I am very happy I picked up this book.
Glad that we could fill up some of the afternoon with the quick project making a couple of matching shirts that they can now maybe go outside and play in this HOTTTT weather!


  1. The only things I seem to make are messes.

    Those shirts are way cute.

  2. I am sure you make way better than messes!!!!
    Thank you!


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