Friday, July 9, 2010

Pirate Sheep: A review

Welcome to a place where words come alive!  Word World!
Word World airs on PBS and is an entire show that EVERYTHING is shaped (drawn to look like) 
what their word is.

We were finally able to spend some time this week in the hot weather watching our cool DVD's we got in the mail from NCircle Entertainment to review this month.

New on DVD: World World: Pirate Sheep

This is a 60 minute video and has 4 episodes Pirate ShipSuperhero Sheep and Wee Little Whale, which all star the character Sheep.  It also has Mail Mix Up, which has the silly character named Duck.  Word World is a fun and educational show for preschool age kids.  It not only teaches  letters and how they make words, but also has some great socialization content  too.
Though only my 3 year old was interested in this one, it still was wholesome and I could feel good about letting her watch it...and with the running time of 60 minutes I could actually sneak a shower in there too. 
This DVD was released on June 8th, from NCircle Entertainment.  It can be purchased directly from NCircle or from Amazon and Toys R Us.

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