Monday, July 19, 2010

Get up and go kind of Gal...

I am the kind of gal that likes to just do it.
If you need a costume, I will make it.
Your couch has a hole?
I will cover it.
If you want a puppet house, let's go see what we have to build one.
I usually don't have time to be in any mode but "go."

And I'm usually fine with that.

We were at the library this morning and Lily Love, love, LOVED the puppet theatre.
It was time to go and in my persuading, I told her that maybe we could build one of her own.

We had some boards I had done paint samples on in the garage, so I dragged her to Lowes for some L brackets and some screws. I had her brother help me drill the holes. We had left over fabric. I had her push the screws through, and hand me the pins as I sewed the curtains.

It was a few hours spent that I had not planned for. A few hours with my little bean, showing her that even at the little age of three she can do it.
And maybe the laundry or house got pushed aside for a bit. We just did it. We used up some things that may otherwise still just be hanging out. AND- We've had a lot of puppet shows going on here since!

I hope she remembers that her momma did that for her.
I hope that the effort pays off even further down the road when she wants something done.
I hope I am teaching my girls that they can take care of things by themselves sometimes.
Get up and GO. To just do it. Get it done.
And be proud in that.

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