Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where's the baby?

That is what she said when she laid down on the couch. seriously. This kid cracks me up.
I have even resorted to pretending I am sneezing when I don't want her to know that I am laughing.  Keeping a straight face has really never been my forte.

So one of the blogs I follow is a craft blog (I know, you're stunned.)
u-create.  The reason I like it is because she goes around blog land and posts cool projects of all sorts from all sorts of cool idea mammas.
I have seen these pillow case dresses here and there, and since I had my sewing machine already out, well, I decided to make this one. (minus the big bow, plus pockets, rebel rule breaker)

And now for the where's the baby part??  I had left over fabric from slip covering a hole in my couch... so CRAZY me, I had to actually make a pillow case first with the left over fabric.  But it turned out cute!!
Thank you for your tutorial!! Simply Modern Mom  You rock.


  1. that turned out so cute! love that fabric print!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

  2. thanks!! the fabric was actually a shower curtain from Target. ;-)

  3. She is SUCH a cute little thing - - - and those BOOTS!!!

    Enjoy her - - - as they grow up, there MAY be some hazardous phases - - - - MAY BE.

    Then you will look back on THIS phase with such joy.

  4. The fabric looks nice..
    What a lovely young girl you have there..

  5. it turned out so cute! I tried to talk my hubby into letting me buy that shower curtain awhile back...he said we didn't need ANOTHER one!:)


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