Wednesday, June 16, 2010

10 truths about a *perfectly well adjusted Mama

I wear this ring because I need the reminder. When I look at it quickly it simply says: "be true to you." I need that strength sometimes.

1. I HATE mornings. I have always wished I was a morning person, but I rather be a night owl. I can not, no matter how early to bed or how much I truly want to. I can not wake up cheery.

2. I have resorted to hiding my 2 favorite standbys for the times that I just NEED them. CHOCOLATE and Stacey's sea salt pita chips.

3. I at times do take a longer shower than absolutely necessary. I know that this may be my only moments of quiet and alone that I might have for the entire day.

4. I do understand, on certain days, why some animals eat their young.

5. Sometimes, when I say "I don't know where that is." I really mean- I hated that noisy obnoxious toy and I threw it away in a moment of frustration.

6. Ok, I admit it. I do think MY KIDS ARE THE BEST.

7. OK, I admit I also think at times they are devil spawn.

8. I have on occasion told my children that they are going to send me to the crazy house.
(And yes, at that moment, I have hoped that I could actually just go there.)

9. I lay awake at night worrying about if I am doing it all right.

10. I wonder simultaneously why I had children and how I could ever live without them.

*perfect. There is no such thing.


  1. Sounds like you are a normal and well adjusted mama!!!

    I remember those days - - - -

  2. Aubrey I could have written this list! Jason was just telling me how I am the most grumpy morning person he has ever met... I am embarassed by how grumpy! I too lay in bed and wonder if I am doing "it" right, did I do enough, am I messing them up!!!


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