Wednesday, July 7, 2010


okay, I guess I use that word a lot.
It's kind of like a strange truth.  Or untruth, or how ever you happen to be looking at it that day.
I hear myself sigh and think, I can't wait for things to get back to "normal."
But is it really ever?  I am beginning to think it is "normal" to be disfunctional.
Running around like a chicken with your head cut off.
Feeding the babies. Nourishing their souls and personalities.
Being the good Wife, Sister, Mother, Daughter, Friend.
Cleaning up the messes from the day....and the piles of laundry that go along with it.
Trying to make sure each and every person is happy in my household.  Fulfilled with life.
Having a happy summer.

Sadly it goes beyond that doesn't it?
You go to the pool and try to be "normal."  Put on a smile.  Make polite conversations.
But when did it really become "normal" to be snotty and act like those "Mean Girls" that you thought you left in High School?  Clucking like chickens about your neighbor, who happens to be sitting right um, there. Turning to her and then politely saying 'Hi'....
Do you really have any idea how her day has gone?
That maybe she is completely heart sick about a family drama.
When did people's misfortune become your daily news?
When did you actually walk in those shoes?
Why is it so interesting?
Is your life really that boring?
Has she ever hurt you?
Or are you trying to just focus on something else?
Let's put this in perspective you mamas.
Everyone who is "normal" is dealing with the first bit of this blog post.
That is my version of normal.  My kids, my family, my true friends.
Even the disfunctionality of it all.
And all of that is what is truly the most important.
And that is enough to have to worry about.
I am not worried if I make YOU happy or not.  I am not worried if I've not given you enough to talk about so you may have to speculate.  Have fun with those speculations...maybe it will be interesting. Scandalous.
I'm more focused on something else.  Entirely different, and close to the heart.
So here's the deal.
Today was one of those days that utterly exhausted me. 
From every angle, there was not a bit of relief.
But there will always be a day that comes along like that.  
And so, here I am typing about it. Getting it off my chest.
Focus on what's important.
You might be surprised.

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  1. I actually really enjoyed reading this. I also see myself using that word a lot, but then again, what's normal? Is it something that we kinda stereotype? Even in movies, where everything seems normal, it really isn't. Have you ever seen "the brady bunch" ? You know the perfect family, (if you haven't you should)
    They come off as this perfect family, but if you look into it, they are truly weird. Step brother and sister kinda liking each other? And not just that, the way they raise their kids is just weird. I don't know, this is probably just completely off topic, but truly, what the hell is normal supposed to be like?
    Is having the perfect relationship normal? How do you know if you are truly happy if you have never argued with your husband or boyfriend. Sometimes you just have to vent, and who's better than your husband, best friend. So the way I see it, is that i try not to worry about what I should be doing, or how. I try to have less worries in my mind, and sometimes it's nice to live life, and love it. Do things the way they feel, and you will always have good days, and also some bad ones. But in my book, that's part of being "normal."
    Thanks for sharing this! I really saw myself thinking and doing some of those things while i was reading it.


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