Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Schools out for summer....schools out for....

"no mom, school isn't really out for ever. There are only 104 days of summer vacation."

That's funny.  I am quoting Alice Cooper and you are quoting Phineas and Ferb...
I know, I just like that song.  And I guess you've never heard it. ;-)  

So we made it! 
It is a very satisfying feeling you know?  Finishing up each book, lesson, project.
We are all packed up neatly in a gigantic binder full of what represents all or learning since February.
I am feeling really proud.  Of both of us. 

My Chloe likes certificates and awards.  I am worried that she actually will miss those things.  So I made her a certificate for passing third grade.  She was thrilled and said she wanted to frame it.

So I am any of you blog readers do anything special for your homeschoolers?
What will you do over the summer?  

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