Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In just one year..

As a Mom you are mostly too busy to be anywhere but the present.
The present happiness.
The present complications.
The present needs of your children.
But sometimes, when your mind is at rest it creeps up on you....the past.
The entire evolution of your children's lives flash in your mind like a slide show.
In those moments I could almost laugh and cry and burst all in the same moment.
The lessons learned, and the moments that are just no longer.
I had someone comment on how much my kids have grown when they saw the picture we took on mother's day.
It made me dig. To find the one that we took last year.
It IS stunning isn't it? How much can happen in just one year.
How much can change?
Just from glancing at these pictures you can quickly see the difference in their size.
I can ALMOST see the difference in my own strength even. As a mother.
I also notice things that are the same. How they lined up exactly the same. How I hold the same unconditional love inside for each of them.
I think about the new glasses, the loss of diapers, simple achievements, the expanded vocabularies. The scrapes on the knees, the smiles, the moments of utter frustration. Those moments of PURE pride.
All these things, as a mom, I hold. I take in stride. I learn from. I almost feel sorry for them; I am learning too after all. But maybe that makes them richer for it? Learning with me.
All these thoughts from that simple statement and a glance at two photographs.
Yes, a lot can happen in just one year.

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