Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Friday...

Ok so we've made it to another Friday.
Here are some of our wares from the week. ;-)

We have been doing a Greek Mythology study. We are (both) loving it. There is an ongoing lapbook that we will eventually compile.

I came across this site that has a lesson for writing your own Greek Myth. Funny thing. Our Greek "handbook" for lesson III suggested that you create your own story as well. It is in an awesome format to follow, download and print out. Really great for developing those writing skills!
SO this is a project that we are taking on for the remainder of this year. The possibilities of her imagination are endless! And she has started to create her Goddess, with a quick sketch (above).

Another thing we've been working on for a couple of weeks is "animals that work together." This is for our nature studies. Two cool sites are were I got all the sheets and book info that we needed for our lapbook:

A couple other cool sites I discovered that are *almost what I was looking for to create our own handwriting worksheets. I love having her do morals or life lessons for this. Makes me feel like it somehow sinks in deeper than just when mom's saying it ;-)
This was the better of the two:
{if any of you know of a better one, PLEASE leave me a comment, these both are slightly too small for her still)
Ok then, happy home learning!

directions for putting together the double lapbook:

Have fun!

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