Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to You and Yours

THANK YOU Aunties for the salt and pepper frogs! Aren't they just too funny and cute?

I think my most favorite night of the entire year is Christmas eve.
It is just plain SPECIAL.
The gifts are carefully chosen and wrapped.
We and the kids have just spent a fabulous evening at their Nani and Papa's (who this year, Chloe said was the very best yet :-)). They are tucked into beds glowing with such excitement they can barely muster the energy to even close their eyes.
And I, as tired as I might be, as late as it is, get to tip toe downstairs and conspire with the love of my life. We whisper about the night and predict reactions for the morning. We know we will get little sleep. It is the highlight of my entire day. This is something we have done since our beginning. For lots of years now. And even before we had the kids we filled each others stockings in opposite corners of the room with the same PURE intent of making the next day SPECIAL for a person we love. It makes me feel proud that we pulled it off for our kids and created the magic. It makes me feel thankful for every blessing in my life. And it makes me love my husband even more.
Hopefully you still feel that magic you felt as a child. AND that same magic you felt that first Christmas with your honey. And how cool is it that YOU are the one creating it?
Merry Christmas.

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  1. your words truly captured what i felt these past few days...thank you. it is so wonderful to see such delight in little faces.


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