Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The 2009 BEST Award Ceremony!!

The time has come to announce the BEST of 2009 awards!!!
The winners were announce earlier this morning and the recipients are stunned and overjoyed. LOL.
It is truly AMAZING what happens over the course of a year.

Okay, lets start with the most embarrassing award for "The best crazy lady, who must live alone, with cats and has simply no sane explanation for this" which goes to this poor gal:

SO the award for best Scene reenactment from a movie you've never even seen goes to:
(isn't it just like E.T.???)
The best "lucky shot" of the year has got to be this one:
AND the winner for biggest Bruise that was according to him
"totally worth it" goes to:
The best question overheard: "WHY are you following me???"
Best costumes go to my gorgeous Caesar and his Queen. Fun night!!
The best impulse buy goes to : Izzy, who makes us all smile...
even Max who will swear I'm lying to you.
The Best sister moment of 2009 is sharing some tunes:
The cutest pair of matching toenails to make me smile are these:
(the Tatoos are pretty cute too)
The best ice cream cone of the year is always chocolate:
2009's Best epic battle:
*The Sweetest kiss:
(* caught on film)

The most adorable lion impression goes to:
The Best Diva's of 2009 are too serious to be cute:

AND "the best day ever!" award goes to this dolphin
(I doubt it will be a day forgotten anytime soon)

Okay 2010. I'm ready for you.

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