Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day!

Where are your coats crazies? "but mom we just wanted to measure the snow!~12"!!!"

We had hot cinnamon rolls this morning and then bundled up for the snow.

Max (our lab) was a bit confused, but then ran around crazily as if he were in a big lake catching fish.

I threw Lily in the sled and dragged her sown the road.

The kids played till their cheeks were as pink as they could handle.

They laughed hysterically when I pretended to fall backwards in the snow and sunk so deep I disappeared :-)

I made the prettiest snow angels on the block.

I threw them back in the sled and dragged them home to throw in a too hot to stand it bubble bath. I made them hot tea with honey.

Daddios started a fire in our fireplace, and we listened to Christmas music and made sugar cookies. I threw all of the wet clothes into the wash :-)

Tonight I got an email that school will be canceled on Monday and they are now dancing around the house singing "Winter break has begun, winter break has begun"....

It was a great day, but we will eventually all get stir crazy LOL.

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