Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It is Beginning to look a lot like....

Ok. No I have not dragged out the box of holiday decorations just yet. I will not keep up with the Jones's who were all decorated even before Thanksgiving. I won't be pushed by those retailers that set up those displays right at midnight Halloween. (RIDICULOUS!) I will wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving weekend to pull out those decorations. That is when I do it cause that is what works for us.
BUT. I will have the advent calendar hanging up and ready to go on the first eve of December. It is when the magic sprinkles start to come out. Bit by bit. I made this one last year that I was so so happy to see again. And I am not quite sure who was more excited for it, the kids or me. It was not up yesterday morning when they left for school and I could tell they were a bit concerned, so you can imagine the happy faces I saw when they realized it was hanging up on the wall last night. Lily was just told all about it before I snapped these pictures. And I think that the photos say it all!

Happy December!!!!

Now...what to do for my Cards this year.....

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  1. How exciting!! Your kids look like true joy lives in your house. That is so cool!
    Annie Comfort


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