Friday, December 19, 2008

Phew! Where has December Gone?

Where has it gone and does it go away like this every year?

Does normal life give way to school activities, recitals, holiday gatherings, and possibly a house full of so much laundry that it should be illegal what the flu creates?

Grand excursions out for tiny treasures to wrap and hopefully bring sweet smiles to every loved ones face?

Greeting cards filling up each evening...thinking I will just sign them this year, and never able to resist just adding "a little note" to each one.
Phew is right!

I finally finished up my Advent calendar made of tiny boxes.
I hope to post some photos of their nightly surprise in the coming days....

Hope you are treasuring your December.
(AND did not get the FLU!)

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  1. I LOVE your advent box! SO darn cute! What did you make it out of?


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