Tuesday, November 17, 2009

quick grab your camera...

I don't care if you think this sounds cheesy. Truth is, I am finding more and more, when left to my own thoughts, without the bickering of my kids or needs of the day, inside the quietness of my own head, it is the littlest of things that make me feel happy. Things that most the time we are well, too busy to notice. I drove over the mountain a few days ago and was completely awestruck by the fog that surrounded its peak. It was breathtaking. It was mysterious. It was beautiful. It was something that made me feel happy to be alive. At that moment I believed if given the time, I could sit down and write an entire novel based on that fog. In those quiet moments the grass looks greener. The world seems better.
So lets play a game. Take a quiet moment (I know gals- it will really will only be a moment) Quick grab your camera and pick the first thing that inspires you. Throw it out on the grass and take a picture. Will it inspire you to create something extraordinary? Will it change your outlook for the day? Maybe it will just make you feel happy inside. Either way, don't you feel better?

Oh the wonderful things I am going to make with this basket of inspiration!

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