Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ari What?

Let's start this post by saying I AM NOT A CUTSIE person.
The bow is the first to go on just about anything that has one.
I do however like quirky things.
I will always root for the underdog.
I will usually pick the unexpected over the cookie cutter cute.
I suppose this is why I have recently been crafting these little guys.
I just sort of love them.  They are quirkycute.
I am not really sure how you pronounce it even, but that is what my basket of colors has inspired and It is oh so fun.  Here is my first one, a pirate,which I plan to send to my 3 year old nephew for Christmas.
And my 10 year old is even requesting one, so it must not be too cute right?
SO here is my quirky thing that I love today.  I heard My little bean whisper to the "monster" that she loved it.  So cute.
Happy  LOVE Thursday.  I have fallen off the band wagon once again.  Oh well.


  1. This guy is ADORABLE (in a totally not-cutsie way). I love him! You could sell a ton of these on Etsy, for real. I would buy one!

    This is my first visit here... found you thru Love Thursday. Have a good one!

  2. LOVE it! You should TOTALLY sell them! I would totally buy them!


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