Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little Poncho:love Thursday

I have decided to come full circle. Return to the roots of inspiration that started me on this blog journey last year. I haven't been there for MONTHS. But
Love Thursday is a GREAT thing.
Even if It is something silly and simple that you love. It is good to admit you love silly things.
It is good to acknowledge and credit them.
So here is my love for this Thursday.
I am going to try to post something every Thursday.
To acknowledge it. Remember a post back in March???
I told you I was crocheting??
Well. I am LOVING it. I think it is like meditation sometimes.
Mindless. But in the end you get something really cute out of it.
My mom would be SOOO PROUD.

Well, here is the finished product from that post.
And she's wearing it. This is AWESOME.
"enjoying the process"

Happy Love thursday. What do you just love today?

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