Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy 100th Post!!

Wow.  Can you believe it??  I was just browsing the blogs I follow when I noticed a little note on mine. it read: 
aubreyplays 100 posts.
Who knew I had so much to say?  Just over a year ago I created this little blog.  
Here's a blip of what I said on that first day:
Lately I have been thinking of Creating one myself.
Truth be told...I love the inspiration....and well, secretly I wish I had one that other people could use for the same reason.  A place to throw up a project that I have quietly patted myself on the back for at 1 am last night.  SO we will see how this goes and where I take it...I am going to remain open minded to what this urges me to do.
I named it Aubrey plays...because when it comes to these types of things, it is exacly what I am doing.  Having fun and playing.    Here it goes!
You would not believe the little bits of happy and inspiration it has brought me.
I still do not know where I'm headed...but I AM finding my PLAY along the way.
AND really THAT IS the point isn't it?  Please come out and Keep playing with me.  It will be fun.

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