Monday, October 12, 2009

This is what play looks like.

On a day in May this is what we did:
We painted our toenails together and then we went outside, laid in the grass and giggled.

She whispered discoveries to me.  She used new words.  She delighted in that very moment and in my company.

As it has gotten colder over the past few days it was fun for me to come across this silly picture.  It was a gorgeous spring day and I can almost still hear her giggles.  My baby was just a month past two.  To anyone else this picture might seem odd.  But to me, it is proof that we played on that day in May.  It is a reminder to my little one that even the silliest things are beautiful.  They make your heart smile and bring you comfort.  They connect us.  The few minutes I took to play with my camera captured this...and to me, it means more than I can even describe.

And the little tattoo is too cute.  She just loves those.

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  1. YAY for feet! and play!

    thank you for contributing these today on SS!

    ~Kristin (mainemomma)


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