Friday, January 9, 2009

Superhero Challenge: Weather

OOOUUU.  That sounds hard.  Maybe I'll skip this one.  Besides, there hasn't been any weather to capture really.

As fate would have it the kids stayed home on Tuesday for a ice storm. 
I laughed to myself.  There's nothing.

Wednsday morning.  It was raining, and there were icicles on every tree as we drove to school. "mom...the ice on the trees is sooo pretty."

Funny I was just thinking the exact same thing.
Maybe I'll just try.
Standing out in the cold rain I felt like a kid.  Playing in the rain.  My imaginary wonder woman boots pulled back on.  I think it is so cool what the rain drops did.  They look like little magic fairies, drops of Jupiter. But this last photo I took with the mossy branch and water drops, well I just love it.  Magic does exist.

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