Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love Thursday: Last One Standing

I packed up the last boxes of what remained from Christmas today...I crave the normal routine of things, and have surprised myself with how long it took me this year.
As I turned the tree around to say it's final goodbye, I found this last one still standing. 

Hmm, I thought...I wonder, and I tiptoed off to get my camera.
I have a very sweet friend who sent me a link to a two peas photo course.
Maybe she knew that up until now I depend on the "magic" when taking pictures.
That I get lucky once in a while with perfect light.
That the extent of my photography skill is to sick my finger on the flash so it won't open.
I have questioned if I want to change that.    The "magic" of ending up with a special image is fun.
Will my play become work if it seems too complicated?
 Curious if a little bit of information will change that, I have read over the first week.
I hoped that the light coming through the window would create a cool silhouette.  And in the end I stuck my finger over that flash. (old habits die hard...I bet there is a button somewhere that would just tell it not to open)

Well, the photo did just about exactly what I hoped, and I looked to see if Love Thursday was still going on at chookooloonks this year.  Happy me!  

SO, there you go.  Happy Love Thursday.
Love the little things.
Love thoughtful things your friends do.

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  1. Tee, hee, hee. A little information can't hurt, eh? It's supposed to be fun!

    Nice shot.

    The first of my two trees finally came down today. My in-laws are coming this weekend to celebrate with us so after that, the other one will come down too.


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