Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An inanimate object I love

When I saw the Shutter Sisters  "inanimate" post here I knew this is what I wanted to capture...

It's funny how certain inanimate objects enter your world.
You grow to love them in a way.  They become a fixed part of your life.
One glance and you can think of a thousand memories.
These happy frogs were a wedding gift for a girl who collected frogs and was marrying her very own. { A Bullfrog to be exact.}
They have never had candles where they should.
They are just my happy pair of frogs that make me calm.
These have been in the background but always present for the past 14 plus years.
They have lived in 7 homes.  They have welcomed 3 children and a tiny lab that turned into a giant moose.  They have seen battles, parties, laughter and tears.

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