Monday, January 5, 2009

Just an ordinary day ...Petting Dolphins

That's the point isn't it?
There was nothing ordinary about it.
She had waited for 2 years for this day. 
She had given up a birthday present and party for it.

I had high hopes for the photographs I would end up with.  Some sort of magical sun shinning into the water.  Bold colors of my daughter kissing a dolphin.  Pure magical photography.  

The funny thing is, this was my very favorite.  The happiness from being splashed by a dolphin says it all.

In the end it was rainy-ish and overcast in Baltimore and there was no sun to speak of shining down on my daughters magic day in the aquarium.  I caught mediocre photos of the happiest girl on earth.

"it was my best day ever!!!!"

And in the end...that is truly, truly ALL THAT MATTERS!

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