Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love Thursday: Snow Day!

It snowed last night.
Nice fluffy snow.
The kids danced around happily as they realized there was no school today. 
Yes, the people in Montana are laughing a hearty laugh at us and our inch and a half of snow.
But who cares.  It was a good excuse to stay in PJ's all day and have the fire going from morning till night with a few hot lattes in between.
I huddled on the deck as the two older ones ran around crazy in the back yard and my youngest napped.  I looked over at our little water toy that they play with all summer.  Buckets and toy fish frozen in a deep bath of ice.  I couldn't resist this.  The funny thing is, in a sepia tone would look like sand and not snow....fitting isn't it?

Love the little things.
Happy Love Thursday.
I keep playing along.

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